Author: Aminata Fofana

Aminata Fofana was born in Guinea. She spent her childhood immersed in tribal life amongst many brothers, sisters, stepmothers and cousins, warriors, fishermen and
witch doctors, listening to the sounds of the immense forest which surrounded her. When still a teenager, she with her family left the unpolluted life of their village and moved to the outskirts of Conakry, Guinea’s capital. Soon she left everything behind and went to Europe. In Rome she worked as a model. In London she began to write songs and soon recorded her first album The Greatest Dream, released worldwide
by Mercury. While working on this album, she collaborated with famous artists like
Massive Attack, Wyclef Jean (Fugees) and Craig Armstrong. During 2007/2009 she worked as a communication consultant for the Italian Ministry of the Environment, She also wrote for main Italian newspapers, such as La Repubblica, L’Unità and took part in various TV programs as a guest author. La luna che mi seguiva is her first novel. Rights sold Italy Einaudi TEA

A Sudanese village on the edge of the forest, between a river and the sea, and a valley of red earth. Moussa, the shaman grandfather, the real chief of the village. The prince, Saduwa’s father. Her mother, one of the prince’s wives, who is sad because she only has two […]

The Moon That Followe Me