Author: Elio Toaff

After graduated from Law School in Livorno, and in Law in Pisa. Elio Toaff was named rabbi of Ancona from 1941 to 1943. He took part in the Resistance against Fascism and after Liberation he was named Rabbi of Venice but in 1951 he was called to Rome where he remained the spiritual leader of his community for 50 years, until 2001. Apart from guiding the Roman community, he had many national appointments: he was President of the Italian Rabbinical Consulate, the Director of the Italian Rabbinical College and the Higher Institute of Jewish Studies. As for Europe, he has long been a member of the Executive of the European Rabbis Conference.

NEW REVISED EDITION ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE EX ENGLISH This is a new and enlarged edition of Rabbi Toaff’s memoir who lived a 100 years and was Chief Rabbi in Italy for half of a century. Historic was his encounter with John Paul II at the Synagogue of Rome on April […]

Perfidious Jews, Older Brothers