Author: Emanuele Coco

Emanuele Coco is a writer and science historian. Among his recent works: Ospiti ingrati (Nottetempo 2002) Egoisti, malvagi e generosi (Bruno Mondadori, 2008), Breve storia delle scienze naturali (De Agostini, 2009), Consigli pratici per evoluzionisti spaesati (Hukapan 2008) with Elio e le Storie Tese.

A History of Sirens – The Subtle Charm from Ancient Greeks to Kafka Coco begins with a phrase attributed to St. Augustine “Do not ask yourself if these things are true. Ask yourself what they mean” – i.e. placing immediately as marginality or irrelevance the actual existence of sirens. If […]

Sirens Electric Circle