Author: Ernesto Aloia

Ernesto Aloia was born in Belluno in 1965, but has always lived and worked in Turin. For Minimum Fax he has published two short story anthologies: Chi si ricorda di Peter Szoke? (2003) and Sacra fame dell’oro (2006). For Rizzoli, he has published Icompagni di fuoco and for Minimum Fax Paesaggio con Incendio. The disenchanted mood of some descriptions and the widespread sense of disillusion could evoke the name of the French Michel Houellebecq, as well as Jonathan Franzen’s and Don DeLillo’s works.

A cyber-age thrilling novel about the Internet, capitalism, cyber-security and collective behaviours that stands between Mr.Robot and 13 Reasons Why digging in the shadows of our era with a literary touch and reflecting on the quest for identity in our contemporary, always connected world. One morning in mid-September of 2008, […]

The Mirrored Life