Author: Goenawan Mohamad

Goenawan Mohamad is an acclaimed Indonesian writer and man of letters. He has twice received the International Editor of the Year Award from the World Press Review, and is also the recipient of a CPJ International Press Free- dom Award and a Dan David Prize. Mohamad is one of the cofounders of the Lontar Founda- tion, a cultural nonprofit tasked with preserving and supporting Indonesian literary culture. He lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Mohamad’s early writings include Potret Seorang Penyair Muda Sebagai Si Malin Kundang (The Portrait of A Young Poet as Malin Kundang) (1972) and Seks, Sastra, Kita (Sex, Literature, Us) (1980),'”Kesusastraan dan Kekuasaan’ (LIterature and Power) (1993)’Setelah Revolusi Tak Ada Lagi (Once the Revolution No Longer Exists) (2001), Kata, Waktu (Word, Time) (2001), ‘Eksotopi’ (Exotopia) (2003), ‘Tuhan dan Hal-hal Yang Tak Selesai’ (God and other Unfinished Things) (2007).

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