Author: Idanna Pucci

Since leaving her Italian ancestral home in Florence, Idanna pursued her interest in diverse cultures through farflung travels. First she worked in New York for her uncle, Emilio Pucci, when his designs ushered vibrant colors into fashion. She later settled in Indonesia and began her studies of Balinese culture. Various writing assignments for the Hong-Kong based Asia Magazine enabled her to travel throughout the Indonesian Archipelago, South East Asia, Japan and across the Soviet Union on the last steam engine of the Trans- Siberian railway. She returned to New York to pursue her degree in Comparative Literature at Columbia University. After she obtained the International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance in Geneva, she served in the UN Mission to East Timor as an electoral officer during the referendum for independence in 1999. Later, she collaborated with the Burma Project (Open Society Foundations) on a special mission to Myanmar. She is also a board member of La Scuola di Eco-Narrativa in Anghiari, Tuscany. Aside from Italian, she speaks fluent English and French, and Bahasa Indonesia. She resides between Florence and New York. She is also the author of: The Epic of Life: A Balinese Journey of the Soul; The Prince and the Pauper: Two Balinese Portraits; Against All Odds: The Strange Destiny of a Balinese Prince; Brazza in Congo: A Life and Legacy. She produced also many documentaries.

Illustrated by Dr. Anak Agung Madé Djelantik These magical true stories are filled with the refreshing suspense and wonder so essential in times of uncertainty and fear. This collection of life adventures is the fruit of the long-time friendship between storyteller, Idanna Pucci – Florentine by birth and Balinese by […]
Genre: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Memoir

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