Author: Itzchak Belfer

Itzchak Belfer was born in Warsaw, Poland, grew up in the orphanage managed by Dr. Janusz Korczak, and was the only survivor of a large extended family wiped out in the Holocaust. At the age of seventeen, Belfer left his dear ones in the ghetto on a journey of survival. On his return to Warsaw he realized, standing in the ruins of the ghetto, that his home was in the Land of Israel, and he decided to immigrate there. Belfer’s immigration attempt landed him in the British detention camp in Cyprus. He finally fulfilled his dream of living in Israel. After serving in the Israeli army, he studied art at the Avni Institute of Art and Design. He has since instructed generations of young artists and has channeled his artistic talents to commemorating Dr. Janusz Korczak’s work and the memory of his murdered family and the Holocaust.

Selected for best reading list by The Ministry of Education, Israel Authentic story by a survivor of Janusz Korczak orphanage Itzchak Belfer is one of three living orphans who were raised and educated by Janusz Korczak at his known orphanage for Jewish children in Warsaw, Poland. Over a hundred years […]

The Man Who Knew How To Love Children

A life from an orphanage in Warsaw, to fighting the Nazis in Russia and escaping through Europe, imprisoned in Cyprus and finally settling in Israel. Through the intimate and authentic perspective of his student, we encounter Janusz Korczak, a pediatrician and adored teacher. In 1912, Korczak established a unique orphanage […]

White House in a Gray City