Author: Thomas Stangl

Thomas Stangl was born in 1966 in Vienna where he studied Spanish and Philosophy and still lives, writing essays, reviews and prose. His first novel, Der einzige Ort (The single place, 2004), earned him the aspekte Prize for the best German debut. In the following years Stangl published further books at Droschl which have been very well received and conferred with awards, e. g. the Erich Fried Prize.

Now (Feb 2019) awarded Wortmeldungen Literaturpreis 2019 (35.000 Euro!, gestiftet von der Crespo Foundation) Ehrengabe der Schillerstiftung 2019 (10.000 Euro) «You don’t know everything about yourself, especially the most important things.» The author of this novel is becoming increasingly aware of this revelation. During a trip to a conference in […]

Unknown Relations