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A GREAT STORY BASED ON THE LIFE OF PAOLO ROSSI Documentary “The Heart of the Champion” about Paolo Rossi to be presented in Cannes 2019 based on this auto/biography! Written by Federica Cappelletti in close collaboration with and under the supervision of Paolo Rossi himself The story of Paolo Rossi […]

Una Grande Storia

Selected for best reading list by The Ministry of Education, Israel Authentic story by a survivor of Janusz Korczak orphanage Itzchak Belfer is one of three living orphans who were raised and educated by Janusz Korczak at his known orphanage for Jewish children in Warsaw, Poland. Over a hundred years […]

The Man Who Knew How To Love Children

A life from an orphanage in Warsaw, to fighting the Nazis in Russia and escaping through Europe, imprisoned in Cyprus and finally settling in Israel. Through the intimate and authentic perspective of his student, we encounter Janusz Korczak, a pediatrician and adored teacher. In 1912, Korczak established a unique orphanage […]

White House in a Gray City

In the Footprints of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose – sold at auction Rabbis from North Africa Leghorn and Pisa had always seen many. In the Napoleonic period and at the beginning of the nineteenth century there was a real invasion. They all generally wore a black cloak […]

The Renegade

Now (Feb 2019) awarded Wortmeldungen Literaturpreis 2019 (35.000 Euro!, gestiftet von der Crespo Foundation) Ehrengabe der Schillerstiftung 2019 (10.000 Euro) «You don’t know everything about yourself, especially the most important things.» The author of this novel is becoming increasingly aware of this revelation. During a trip to a conference in […]

Unknown Relations

A Dracula novel as you have never read before from a bestsell ing cult author with over 300.000 copies sold in Italy alone and an international film (Blackout) starring Amber Tamblyn Dracula has two enemies, and an age-old ritual. His oldest enemy is the First, the one who made him […]

Dracula & I

Carter, the main character, has a way of enchanting the people around her. That is also what she does to this story’s nameless narrator who is vying for her attention from the first moment but never really seems to get close enough. That’s because only Carter herself decides how close […]


An extraordinary find: first ever publication! IMPRESSIVE, IF NOT VERTIGINOUS … INFERNO IS LIKE A PRECURSOR OF ELIAS CANETTI’S CROWDS AND POWER. Vienna 1938. The »Anschluss« of Austria is imminent. It is a time of pogroms, of opportunists, of denunciations and enthusiastic nazis. In these times of upheaval 18-year-old Ursula […]


European Union Prize for Literature Hans Fall ada Literary Award LiteraTour Nord Literary Award US Jury Pick – New Books in German EU Prize For Literature Winning Author The translation of this novel is supported by “New books in German“ (Goethe-Institut). Iris Hanika’s The Essential tells the story of Hans […]

The Essential

All Rights Available Except Scandinavia and Netherlands Number 1 of the Litprom-Bestenliste Spring 2019 The Scheherazade story opens with a writer asking for support at the job center. When mentioning his line of work the troubles start – »Writer? There is no such profession«. But cunning as he is, he […]

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