The Comrades of Fire


Valerio, an honest man of our times, and his wife Miranda look up one day from their everyday routine to find that their world has changed. Actually, nothing has ever been as they thought.

Their son, an exemplary adolescent who all of a sudden decides to imitate the American Taliban John Walker Lindh, watches the videos of the jihad slaughters that crowd the web, and tries to approach radical Islam, has changed. The problem is that Valerio’s world, even before this discovery, was false from top to bottom. Otherwise, what to say of his “job” at the International Non-governmental Centre for a Peace Initiative, a group of idle conformists whose only worry is to continue to receive funding from a cooperative bank? And of his relationship with a manager who is busy setting up the antimperialist finance farce? And of his use of a fake Iraqi opposer as testimonial for the promotional launch? To follow his son and get out of the deceits he has woven himself, Valerio will have to take back all his principles and realize he himself is willing to do wrong, to tell lies, to others and to his wife. When the lies of a lifetime all come down together, nobody finds it easy to stay standing.

 pp. 391

“Ernesto Aloia’s I Compagni di Fuoco is the drammatic but also mocking explosion of an overwhelming style, at times disjointed and extremely fast, that catches up the reader in a whirlwind of events… the story here is centered on dialectic and physical conflicts between groups fighting each other on themes such as civilization, aims, religions.”

Luca Canali, Il Giornale

“What makes this novel truly beautiful… is the everlasting and sweet play on near and far, hopes and disappointments, that build up to the Independence of sons from their fathers, but also of fathers from their sons and of all humanity from itself. In a modern and literate language, readable in different keys, Ernesto Aloia steps ahead of his past short stories and confirms his fame of fine and corrosive writer.”

Valeria Parrella, Grazia

Rights Sold: Italy  [Rizzoli]

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Genre: Crime, Noir, Thriller