Les Italiens


A hail of bullets shot through the window destroys the Paris Criminal Brigade, killing and wounding many of the people inside. Three policemen and a woman lie on the floor in a puddle of blood. “Les Italens” squad is depleted even before the investigation has begun. The chief of the squad, a disenchanted and slightly indolent policeman, together with his flic of Italian origins, is soon caught up in fierce man-hunt. He is forced to escape through a sundrenched Paris, hunted down by a group of merciless killers who won’t stop until they’ve caught him and the beautiful transsexual painter whom he’s been stuck with protecting. Despite himself, and amongst quarrels and a fair amount of discontent, he must protect and save this surprising young woman. A terrible journey that leads them to slowly know each other, bringing them closer, changing their perspective and challenging their convictions.

 pp. 264

“Maybe these tough and pure tender hearted cops, indomitable scoundrels like we Italians tend to be, don’t really exist. And maybe Pandiani’s Paris is just fantasy. But it’s a nice fantasy. A breath of fresh air in the dear, old noir genre.”

Giancarlo De Cataldo, bestselling crime novelist, author of Romanzo Criminale

Rights Sold: Italy [Instar Libri], France [Editions Telemaque]

Optioned for Film/TV Series by IFF

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Genre: Crime, Noir, Thriller