Lessons On Darkness

Pandiani_lezioni di tenebra

A Les Italiens novel

It’s a bad evening for chief Mordenti: he feels sick at the restaurant and a few hours later his girlfriend, Martine, a photographer, is killed in front of him by an assassin with her face covered with a silk scarf.

For the policeman and his italiens it is the beginning of a fierce hunt, in search of a mysterious and cruel woman who leaves a trail of corpses behind her. Mordenti, who is being taken over by an insane desire for revenge, is assisted in this investigation by lieutenant Maëlis Deslandes, capable and intriguing policewoman, who tries to control the darkness that is tormenting the chief.

From the art world to the Shibari, an erotic bondage technique that appears on all the crime scenes, the investigation moves from Paris to Turin. Having set up a not so easy cooperation with the Italian police, Mordenti and Deslandes arrive in Italy on the heels of a famous art forger, determined to foil the plans of a criminal organization of art thieves and capture the chief’s enemy number one, Madame Satin.

pp. 368

“A valuable noir, written with the impertinent tone of a classic.”

La Stampa

“A powerful noir, that flows and skillfully measures out twists in the plot, investigating routine and irony. Rough and involving, genre but with style.”

Io donna – La Repubblica

Rights Sold: Italy [Instar Libri]

Optioned for Film/TV Series by IIF

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Genre: Crime, Noir, Thriller