Too Much Lead


It seems that someone has decided to violently kill off all the female journalists of a famous newspaper in Paris. There are very few clues, no suspects, and too much gossip. This is a job for Les Italiens.

Amongst fashion shows, suburban fighting and printed paper, the Italian-French police brigade starts its investigation. They soon discover that to catch the assassin they will have to reconstruct his story and find out what torments him, without knowing anything about him. They will have to search for him, flush him out, use all their cunning and their best methods.

The setting is Paris in winter, when everything is slowly but surely covered in an endless snowfall. Everything is different from how it appears and Chief Mordenti finds himself involved in a complicated investigation, distracted by the presence of Nadège, a beautiful black journalist who possibly has something to hide.

Les Italiens are back, with their surly, but romantic, cynical, but soft hearted Chief. And Enrico Pandiani, revelation of Italian noir, is back, too.

pp. 320

“At number 36 of Quai des Orfèvres there’s a group of policemen of Italian origins known as les italiens, chosen for their humanity and their fantasy.”

Il Venerdì di Repubblica

“A powerful noir, that flows and skillfully measures out twists in the plot, investigating routine and irony. Rough and involving, genre but with style.”

Io donna – La Repubblica

Rights Sold: Italy [Instar Libri], France [Editions Telemaque]

Optioned for Film/TV Series by IFF

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Genre: Crime, Noir, Thriller