Alice Without Wonder

A contemporary tale about the second virginity of a woman ‘reborn’ after a breakup

After ten years of living with the same man, she ‘awakens’ to a world that no longer plays by the rules she knows. Celeste Primavera’s new life is a recovery of affective, sexual, and social literacy. The journey, at times tragicomic and surreal, of someone who hopes for a happy ending in the face of a past that is impossible to forget, of time marching on, of the lack of a job, of tomb-like houses rented as if they were luxury villas, of her frequent panic attacks contrasted by running in place, and of men with all kinds of neuroses. Like any heroine worthy of respect, like any human being before going to bed, or like Alice, but without the wonder. Celeste, ghost writer and actress, is me, or maybe she is you, or maybe she is all of us, alike in our misfortunes and utopias. Her travel companions are: Dottorix, a bisexual and polyamorous cardiologist of international renown, who after years of psychoanalysis and of cardiovascular studies thinks she has understood all there is to know about the heart without having yet learned how to cure it, especially her own; Donjuan, former serial seducer abandoned by his family; Semiepilex, an operable but not operated semi-epileptic who doesn’t remember where she lost her family and who shows up at the end of the month to collect the money for her indemnity; Russotto, a traumatized goldfish who splashes around in Lexotan-scented water. All different in age, gender, origins and goals, but united by a single floor: the attic of a Roman apartment building where what used to be a single loft, today is divided into four miserable studio apartments, exposed to the sun as well as the bad weather of our unstable times.


“With great irony Mascherini tells the tragicomic story of Celeste which can be the story of any thirty – year-old who has to start all over again after the end of a long relationship, with a precarious job and without a dream and a penny in her pocket.”

Ilaria Bagnati

Letture Metropolitane

Rights Sold: Italy [Pendragon]

Film Option: Tandem Film

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Genre: Fiction