Dracula & I

A Dracula novel as you have never read before from a bestsell ing cult author with over 300.000 copies sold in Italy alone and an international film (Blackout) starring Amber Tamblyn

Dracula has two enemies, and an age-old ritual. His oldest enemy is the First, the one who made him a vampire, who horribly killed two of his wives, and with whom he has been fighting for centuries. The other enemy is the splinter of a bomb that tore him apart during a terrible battle, it remained stuck in his skull to torment him after the flesh has grown again on his bones. Dracula has long been unable to turn into fog, and can not get rid of it. He had to learn to meditate, to remain calm, to isolate the pain that, at times, makes him similar to a crazed beast. Dracula is much older than what Bram Stoker told us: he was more than a thousand years old when he took over the name, the castle and the women of Vlad the Impaler. Once in a century, Dracula returns to the Italian city of Bologna for the ritual. The chess game with Indigo, an immortal who rises to reverse sex every time he dies. The two find themselves playing in an ancient tavern that hides secrets. Dracula has learned since many centuries how to go out in the middle of the day, and a medieval city like Bologna, with miles and kilometers of arcades generators of shade, seems suitable to him. But when instead of Indigo he finds a box containing her eyes, with the words I AM engraved on them, he has no doubts: the First is back. And he is spreading around town corpses of the pregnant women in the ninth month gutted according to a horrible and tragic ritual. New allies will be needed for Dracula. For example, the owner of a shop who is sensitive to beautiful women and stupid enough to become his helper…

Rights Solds: TEA [Italy]