Ghost Story

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Number 1 of the ORF -Bestenliste March 2019

What if a void suddenly opened up in your life? This is the question Laura Freudenthaler pursues in her second novel Ghost Story.

In her gap year, that she meant to spend playing piano and writing textbooks, Anne is thrown off track. One by one she abandons her habits and hobbies.

By day she roams the streets, by night she writes her observations into a notebook. Her flat, where she has been living with Thomas for 20 years, feels increasingly uncomfortable, not least  because Thomas seems to be less and less present there.

She had suspected all along that he might be cheating on her. And now the girl, as Anne calls his mistress, appears as a fleeting, whispering ghost. There are noises and apparitions now which are getting harder and harder for Anne to identify.

In this story of jealousy and passion almost resembling a musical score we follow Anne deeper and deeper into a world of mirror images and false bottoms where the lines between reality and delusion are slowly blurring.

«For us the readers the reading satisfys one of the most important functions of literature: On every single page we do realize better and better what empathy means in our complex relationship to the other.»
– Björn Hayer,Wiener Zeitung

«The author stays completely close to her protagonist, illuminates her inner disruption with a stoical silence in her words. The border between reality and imagination becomes blurred.»
Julia Schafferhofer, Kleine Zeitung

«Like in her first novel The queen is silent the author succeeds in a masterly way to put herself in the position of an older woman.»
Hanna Ronzheimer, Ö1 Leporello

«Laura Freudenthaler knows how to mix the seemingly reality with the unreal.»
Miriam Mairgünther, Buchkultur

«A very calm, statutory atmosphere that slowly becomes dizzying and finally threatening. The intensity of this prose results from insisting on details.»
Alexander Kluy,

«To get scared you don’t need a ensorcelled castle, in this case just your own apartment.»
Lisa Schneider, fm4

«Laura Freudenthaler’s prose is well-thought-out and ambiguous, it’s a pure pleasure. You feel that this book is not just focused on the plot, she holds the words and language up. A glow!» Marina Büttner, literaturleuchtet

«At the latest on March 22nd at the bookfair in Leipzig this book scales up the bestsellerlist.»
Kurier Freizeit

Rights sold: Droschl [Germany]