Homunculus – Fairyt Tales From the Left Pocket

2012 winner of the prestigious Balkanika Prize

A postmodern novel made up of fairy tales for grownups.

“The fairy tale should not be told to bashful lovers”

Homunculus is a collection of sixteen fairy tales for adults. the author has largely retained the classical fairy-tale structure with its elements of surprise and the constant intertwining of the real and unreal, but transcends the sugar-sweet endings we are family with. Along with typical fairy-tale features such as the interplay of humans and animals, he presents us with a wide range ofof more “mature” theme – the erotic, the tragic, feelingsof alienation, etc. – set amidst dichotomies on an adult wavelenght: mytichal vs urban , banality vs wisdom, as well as issues of guilt and longing. “Tom Thumb” struggles with an edipal bond with his mother, “The Huntsman” is told from the erspective of the hunter sent out to kill Snow White. All of the stories have an interesting twist which makes them an exciting  read.

Rather than focussing on “the moral of the story”, each piece begins with a sometimes quirky recommendation, e.g. “This fairy tale is told to budding artists” or “This fairy tale should not be told to bashful lovers”, often with tongue-in-cheek. Why humour is a hallmark of all these stories.

 pp. 158

“Peeper is subtle, resonant study of sexuality which will draw the reader into a labyrinth of intelligence, with and high-octane erotica. It is a game with high stakes, both artistic and human: and it is of this dangerous game that Aleksandar Prokopiev has emerged as the indisputable master.”

Fiona Sampson, Editor of Poetry Review, on The Peeper

Rights Sold: Serbia [Coveculjak] [Geopoetika], Poland [Maly Czlowiek] [Toczka], UK [Istros Books], Croatia [Fraktura], Turkey [Pinhan]

Author translated in: French, Italian, English, Polish, German, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian

Genre: Literary