I, Caterina


An unprecedented portrait of Caterina Sforza unfolded by a member of the Sforza family.

At the end of the 15th century, in Italy consciences are awakening. Popes, noblemen, philosophers, inventors, and artists are bringing the Renaissance to life.

In an exchange of powers, the Sforzas, the Medici, and the Borgias with have to deal with a woman: Caterina Sforza. Daughter of a Duke, niece of a Pope, she holds her ground in war and love, keeping in check – the Queen chess piece was created in honor of her feats – Rome, Milan, and Florence. A fighter, an alchemist, a lover, fighting in the name of the love of her men and her children, she will leave history with a new generation of rulers. One man will above all prove to be a kindred spirit and loyal friend: Leonardo da Vinci. Together they will create a machine capable of capturing the world in an instant.

In her accurate description of historical facts, Riario Sforza has shown us the real Catherine. The Author has also infused new depth to the great men who met Caterina in her walk through life, artists and politicians, popes and kings. With a dry and incisive style Francesca Riario Sforza reinforces the memory of a woman who was incredibly ahead of her time.

Il Messaggero, Giulia Ciarapica

Rights Sold: Italy [Editrice Nord] (Maurispagnol)

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Genre: Fiction, Historical Novels