My Child!


Oshrat Kotler, Bulgarian sabra, decided to go in search of her roots, a complex task since her grandparents were no longer there and her parents avoided talking about the past, their daily survival. But Oshrat did not hesitate, and after much research, she was able to reconstruct in a clear, sincere literary style the moving saga of three generations of strong and authentic women who embody so well the universality of time.

Three tangled monologues, three generations of women in Tel Aviv of old times, whose life has made them into energetic women, full of sadness, ephemeral joys and a strong, firm, invincible love for their children. And between the chapters, this man, Nissim, Beka’s husband who left everything for her, the father of Gueoula the rebel and the grandfather of the beautiful pianist, Mia … Under the realistic but dull glance of adoration for his wife , this card player of life, who draws the vagaries of his wife’s life, finds himself in solitude in old age, drowned in melancholy.

A simple language, told in the present, 1936 and 1999, a language that comes from the heart, a survival that seems for these women
not too serious a fatality since they are strong! A realistic spirit, a dignity that wins over despair. And then compassion, intensity, authenticity …. You can feel the pain, the emotions, the love, the survival – just like in a movie.

«Oshrat Kotler captivated me with her engaging novel which allowed me to step into the shoes of compelling characters and experience the colorful and sensual world of Bulgarian emigrants in Tel Aviv from the 1920’s to the present.»
– Yochi Brandes, author of Akiva’s Orchard

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