Judissea is a black and white graphic novel about a young professor, Leon Judkowsky, who specializes in Ancient Cultures at The University of Cracow.

While Germany invades Poland, and most of the Jews in Cracow are encircled in the Ghetto, one day, when returning from University, he discovers that his beloved wife and son were taken away by the Nazis.

Before he even starts to mourne his beloved ones, Leon is called by his uncle, a very known and estimated Rabbi who decides to send his nephew to the forest as the leader of a group of Yeshiva boys ( i.e. young disciples who devote their lives to the learning of the Torah). The Rabbi wants Leon to take them with him and to save their lives and he doesn’t care whether they come back religious or not. He just want them to come back alive and this is the task he assigns to the secular Leon.

During their journey in the forest, Leon and the young disciples meet their contemporary analogs: the Lotus-Eaters, a gang of partisans completely stoned with forest mushrooms; Cyclope, a one-eyed colossus SS officer; Circe, who lives in an isolated domain and is involved in witchcraft; the Sirens, a Klezmer band whose music attracts the Jews in order to lead them to a pub full of Nazi officers; Scylla and Carybdis, represented as bombs and explosives; Calypso, a noble Austrian countess who lives alone in a castle on the peak of an Alpine rock and the Phaenicians, a colorful Italian Mafiosi Family with a beautiful Mamma as the Boss.

The third part takes us to Italy where the Mamma and her sons help Leon find his way to his future life.

Judissea is a story that mingles between humour and sadness, History and Present times, a story for YA as well as for adults, in any language.


WORLD INK (led by Liza Donnelly)


The BBC World (Carol Hills)



Cartooning for Peace (Plantu) and the French magazine LE MONDE


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Genre: Graphic Novel