The Mirrored Life

A cyber-age thrilling novel about the Internet, capitalism, cyber-security and collective behaviours that stands between Mr.Robot and 13 Reasons Why digging in the shadows of our era with a literary touch and reflecting on the quest for identity in our contemporary, always connected world.

One morning in mid-September of 2008, the 50-year-old Marco Limo, watching TV report on the resounding bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers’ business bank, recognizes the ItalianAmerican Greg Lamberti among his newly-dismissed employees. Forty years earlier, in that uncertain phase in childhood dissolving into adolescence, Greg lived in Italy and the two were the protagonists of an obscure and incoherent episode, and have since lost touch. But when Greg is framed by the cameras, it’s for Marco as if forty years had not passed. The temptation to look for the friend is irresistible. When they finally meet, for him it is as if the bubble of caution, mental reserves and hypocrisy in which he almost unconsciously found himself living, breaks into pieces.

Prior to Lehman Brothers, Greg was among the founders of Numenor, a software house that after 9/11 developed counterterrorism surveillance programs for the US government; Marco is a former bank employee who has just founded Kleos, an agency that deals with laundering its clients web reputation. Greg has a dream, Marco has long since no dreams anymore, and
maybe that’s why he can not resist to the proposal of his friend: using the structure of Numenor’s old software, Kleos to develop the embryonic version of a new “deep-action” social network.

The launch of Twins, the new platform, is a planetary success: having a profile, or rather a “projection”, becomes a major obligation among the younger ones. Twins quickly modifies collective behaviors and lifestyles. Marco and Greg have succeeded, they managed to achieve a common dream. But when, on a summer morning, the corpse of twenty-four-year-old Milena is found, after she jumped from the sixth floor, the entire scenario begins to change rapidly.

pp. 291

Rights sold: Bompiani [Italy]

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