Philosophy for All. Manifesto for the Philosophical Identity of the European People

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Throughout history sooner or later new peoples are formed. When they become aware of their being, give themselves their own form of State. Such self-consciousness of a people is based on common ethical values, on a common way of seeing the world and life and then also on a common way of living.

It is not otherwise the case in the process of European unification. Under our very eyes, indeed, a new people is born already: the people of Europe. Apart from national differences, it has a common way of seeing the world and life based solely on rational values, in one word: on philosophy.

This discipline has silently accompanied the entire European history from Greek antiquity to this day, reflecting on its ideals the various historical periods. At the end of her long historical process, she has attained those irreplaceable values ​​of rationality and freedom which today is the base for the common sense of Europeans. Yes, because Europeans exist, the European people are one, albeit divided anachronistically in nations, destined to become regions of our future ‘United States of Europe’.

With confidence and courage, and so much pride for what we finally managed to build in the last few thousand years, we as Europe’s pioneers, we the first fully European citizens, can and indeed we must create the first truly philosophical state in history, because this is the historic mission of Europe. Economy alone can never be the foundation of a state, let alone a just state, as only a philosophical state, that is, a truly rational and truly free one, can be.

So it is for us pioneers of the future authentic Europe, of that philosophical Europe which will soon forget the solely economic one, to create this common home of our people, to achieve ultimate peace in Europe and to make it available to the whole world.

This Work, written in a simple and non-academic language, intends to bring to the consciousness of European citizens, or at least those who already feel as such, what should be the philosophical foundation of the ‘European state’ and what are the ethic values of its people, the ‘European people’. It outlines a vision of the world’s sense of life and human life in the most rational and philosophical world. Such a vision is of course philosophical in itself, although it does not immediately relate to the political process of European unification and thus to the philosophical sense of the United States of Europe.

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