The Annihilator

Bestselling Author: over 100.000 copies sold in Italy! Author translated into German, English and Spanish

Giulio Maspero, thirty, has two problems that at some point will lead him to meander lost in a forest, between life and death, looking for an impossible pyramid: the dream of publishing with a great publisher and beautiful women. An insecure adolescent who grew up on nothing but bread and Stephen King, Maspero compensated for his youthful disorders with four novels and a collection of countless secret romantic relationships. An opportunist, spun off, unable to commit himself seriously, he is thrown out of their home by his latest girl friend because she found in his phone unequivocal messages by the busiest pupil in a class of creative writing.

In disarray, looking for a place to complete the draft of his fifth novel – an ambitious work that seems to owe so much to 22/11/63 -, he is tempted by the indecent proposal of a pulp cartoonist leaving for Uruguay: settle in the attic of a dilapidated condominium one step away from the river, water the plants, take care of good neighborly relations. But there is no trace of green, in an apartment with walls covered with comics forbidden to minors, and the tenants – all related to each other, all very warm when it comes to formalities – are not willing to leave the new guest his living spaces. A TV permanently switched on in a vacant apartment, an invitation to the patriarch’s ninety-year birthday celebration and, at night, Rachel’s moans of pleasure – seductive as a diva of the silent movie, but with attached tattoos – who begs him languidly to join her . Think of the prying relatives of Get Out, the barbaric invasions of Rosemary’s Baby. Add the sick passion for horror in the style of Human Centipede, some symbolism like in Lovecraft and the tiles of an innocent puzzle that, together with the white page syndrome, soon become an obsessive woodworm. Put it in a criminal city and perhaps suggest it to Manetti Bros, to Alex De La Iglesia, so you could imagine the surreal situations, the unthinkable implications, of a grotesque, short and spine-chilling comedy. In fact, the dongiovanni writer with his eternally red bank account is acquainted with the black of the ancient Malaventi family; and, tied up hands and feet to the umpteenth skirt, he finally risks to loose himself.

«The Italian Irvine Welsh»
La Stampa

«For its plot and sense of high tension this new Morozzi’s novel recalls the movie by Pupi Avati, “La casa dalle finestre che ridono”….an intriguing story, an enjoyable reading that won’t disappoint the thriller fan»

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