The Black Mirror


Bestselling Author: over 100.000 copies sold in Italy! Author translated into German, English and Spanish

“The Italian Irvine Welsh” – La Stampa

“If it wasn’t me to kill those two people locked in my apartment, whodunnit?”

Walter questions himself and the image he sees in the mirror is very dark indeed.

Walter suddenly awakes after a night he has no memory of: he’s on a chair, bare chested, a knife dripping blood on his hand.

On a mattress on the floor lies a half-naked girl, dead, her throat slit from side to side. There are two doors: the bathroom door and the entrace door, locked with a heavy padlock. In a Panic Walter, Walter goes to the bathroom door, it’s locked from the outside. He turns the key, goes in, and finds a second body: a man in the tub with a gash in the side of his neck. The bathroom is windowless. Walter opens the padlock and runs out into a warm summer night in the deserted city. The next day he goes back to his regular life and his job in a small publishing house, while trying to fit together the pieces of that crazy double locked-room murder. Walter waits for the police to arrest him, or to be tormented by the true killer. None of this happens for days on end, so much that Walter figures he must have been the victim of some sort of hallucination.

The solution to the case is in the third-to-last page of a manuscript.

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Genre: Crime, Noir, Thriller