The Circle

For his works, he has received the highest Macedonian Literature Awards:

  • Racin Award
  • Pechalbarska povelba Award
  • Vancho Nikoleski Award
  • Novel of the Year Award for the novel The Well
  • Short listed for the International Balkanika Award

Translation Grants for Macedoniain authors are given by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia (click here for further information)

The Circle by Dimitar Bashevski is a novel about life’s setting. As any good novel, the critics say, The Circle has more entrances and more exits. All of them lead outside and turn back. They open during the youth and close during the old age… This novel-dream by Bashevski is in search of a sense, of a reason, a search of a person’s inner order which will translate the confusion
into a consciousness, the chaos and nightmare into a logic story…Bashevski has created a novel which has all necessary predispositions to become a bestseller. This novel is readable. interesting, dramatic, rich with contents, styl is unusual, in a harmonious language, psychologically shaded…

Rights Sold: Macedonia [Slovo]

Genre: Fiction, Literary