The Queen Remains Silent



Winner of the Bremer Literaturpreis 2017

This novel retraces, in a remarkable manner, a lifetime in the secluded cosmos of a village from the fragments of memory of an old woman. This life’s story is tragic. However, never does this woman perceive it as such – she rather carries its weight on her shoulders proudly, like a »queen«.

Fanny, the »queen«, is a woman worn out by fate who spends her remaining years by herself, keeping silent about the past. Rather than filling the journal her granddaughter gave her page by page with the tragedies of her experience she leaves it untouched on her nightstand. But in daydreams and sleepless nights she cannot escape the memories, and so she sees her entire life flash before her eyes in disturbing images. We witness Fanny throughout all her life’s phases, from her childhood at her parents’ farm in the 1930’s almost until her death.

These fragments of memory tell in dense, clear and touching stills how Fanny turned into an unapproachable, proud woman. This novel is a character painting that bears witness to the young author’s profound insight into human nature, her high degree of sensibility, and ultimately her considerable literary talent.

Laura Freudenthaler’s fine sense for atmosphere and emotions is impressive. Her carefully chosen language and narrative style create a stunning mix of perception, memory and re-living.

Rarely I have read a first novel which impressed me that much! Anna Jeller, Buchhandlung Jeller, Wien

A very special book, I could hardly leave it!! Gudrun Suchanek, Buch&Boot, Altaussee

This is really a surprising novel – an important topic, an unusual point of view, a very clear language! Ute Pukropski, Buchhandlung Libretto, Oldenburg)

What a wonderful voice! Susanne Barnsteiner-Bosch, Buchhandlung Lesbar, Weilheim)


Rights sold: Droschl [Germany] Sandorf Publishers [Croatia]

Paperback Rights sold (btb/Random House)



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Genre: Novel