The Well

For his works, he has received the highest Macedonian Literature Awards:

  • Racin Award
  • Pechalbarska povelba Award
  • Vancho Nikoleski Award
  • Novel of the Year Award for the novel The Well
  • Short listed for the International Balkanika Award

Translations grants for Macedoniain  authors are given by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia

In a small Macedonian town, myth and history, passions and hatred, past and present, are shaping this story. An everyday life in which the past still endures is revealed. A Chinese box: the more you dig, the more you will find new layers.

At the center of this narrative, the well is a metaphor for the deep and hidden, a metaphor for the digging into one’s own soul in order to find the tiny spring of water in which – as in a mirror – a person can see his own victories (and the victories of others), but also the things he might not have wanted to see – defeats, moral falls, mistakes toward himself and toward others, vanity. The main character, led allegedly by noble drives, pledges to dig a well for the people of a far away place, but it turns out that his drive is not entirely deprived from vanity and a hidden need to overpower others. The author reveals the spiritual and moral consequences. Past and present are inter-crossing in the novel thanks to different narratives and by the interconnecting of different destinies.

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Rights Sold: Serbia [Archipelag], Montenegro [Duks], Albanian [Serembe], English [University St. Clement Library, Skopje], Macedonia [cetiri izdanija] (Four Editions)


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Genre: Literary