A fascinating literary portrait of a fundamental figure in the history of medicine, obstetrics and gynecology. One of the many great female figures forgotten by History.

Trotula grows up a curious child. when her mother dies of childbirth, she shows her true vocation: she wants to know how the woman died. This curiosity soon develops into a real passion for medicine, to which she dedicates her life. Influenced both by the popular remedies used by nurse Iuzzella, and by her mother’s free relationship with the official religion contaminated by a paganism centered on the power and sensuality of Nature, she combines the practices used by midwives with the most recent medical discoveries, investigating typical female diseases, pains and pleasure which have always been ignored.

 pp. 230

To homage Trotula, Paola Presciuttini concentrated on creating credible backdrops, actions and thoughts, on plausibility. Without being pedantic, she filters everything through the underlying passion that is her powerful trademark. As always the presence of the body is very strong. Not only in a physical form, but above all as a threshold between being and reality, an often impassable boundary that Trotula determinedly stretches or breaks down, in the name of equality and respect.

La Repubblica

Paola Presciuttini gives the reader a vivid and documented portrait of a medieval, but extremely modern, woman who contributed to give luster to the Salerno medical school.

La Repubblica

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Genre: Historical Novels