What Comes with the Dust Goes with the Wind

Today is Nazo Heydo’s wedding. The day she will set herself on fire.

This is a profoundly moving true-to-life tale about a Yazidi woman, Nazo, and Soz, a Yazidi nurse, and their struggle to survive. Nazo must escape slavery from ISIS to reach her forbidden lover. Soz is a female soldier who fights ISIS but also struggles with a secret love. Their fates are intertwined in a heart-wrenching story taken directly from the events we see on the daily news.

We follow her and her freedom-fighting compatriots into the depths of despair, and through— to a deeper understanding of forgiveness, love, suffering, and perseverance. On the brink of immolation, Nazo finds that life, the Life of the Soul, cannot be so easily extinguished.

While the characters are fictional, the atrocities are not.


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This book is so well written. It transports the reader into the lives of the characters. You feel their heartache, their fear and their longing to live safely where they’ve lived for thousands of years.


By mixing real and fictional events, Mustafa has creatively projected the tragedy of Yezidi people in his fictional novella, that’s not available in any other fictional medium so far.

Chia Abdulkarimon

Reading about these courageous and resilient women was an eye-opening and humbling experience. Mustafa has rendered this brutal episode in Yazidi history with honesty and compassion.

Gerry Stanek

A book that begged to be written. It is rightly classified as fiction; however, it is also the true story of genocide against a peaceful, loving people — a genocide that is being largely ignored by the rest of the world. While the characters are fictional, the atrocities are real. From the moment I opened the door and stepped into this book, I was enthralled. I found myself witnessing events in a region half a world away. Merriment, dreams, danger, cruelty, love, and much more scrolled before my mind’s eye. Gharbi Mustafa’s lyric style captivates and touches the heart. I highly recommend this fascinating book.

Scrivener 44

This is a truly captivating story that describes through the lives of the characters, the brutal attack and subjugation of the Yazidi people by DAESH (ISIS/ISIL) that began in August of 2014.

Stephen Shelby

Rich in culture and characters, and jarring in its account of jihadist brutality, it is a story that keeps the reader turning the pages to the end. I simply could not put it down until I finished.

Robert C. Rogerson

From the first shocking encounter with Nazo, one is invested in her outcome. Gharbi Mustafa lovingly portrays characters who come alive and evolve masterfully through the telling of this tale. The novel is gripping, draws the reader through at a blistering pace, and instills an understanding of hardships being suffered yet today because of intolerance, provincialism and political unrest. Highly recommended.


Gharbi Mustafa pulls you in immediately with his RICH depiction of a young Kurdish girl’s desert town on the Syria-Iraq border. The plot is a roller coaster ride that twists and turns as the girl is captured by ISIS, then escapes, then is captured again. The colorful symbolism and portrayals of indigenous cultures keep the tale buoyant and optimistic. Anyone who wants to know more about the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, how women are treated in other parts of the world, or the inner strength of the Kurdish people MUST read this novel.

Amazon Customer

This is the sort of story that worms it’s way into your mind and stays a while. As I went, I got the flavor of a different paradigm, a cultural shift away from my own that put me into the mindset of another people, another place- a more violent place where life is clawed from despair and the tide of war can pull you along, or under at it’s whim.


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