Whom the Gods Destroy

Two parallel stories, two similar, but very different universes.

In one of these, in Bologna, Italy, lives a superhero. His name is Leviatan. His powers are unlimited and change every twelve hours, two at a time. His secret identity is Daniel Drum. He owns a shop that sells rare comics and records he gets when he has the power to travel in time. His girlfriend Sandra is an obnoxious and beautiful erotic novel writer; his friends are Nitro, the fat shop assistant, and Iris, an habitual client who is secretly in love with him. His enemies are distorted versions of Lou Reed or David Bowie, under the supervision of his archenemy Ragnarock. His rival in love is himself, since Sandra, bored of her relationship with Daniel, is actually in love with Leviatan. In the other universe the city of Bologna has never known of a superhero. In this normal and rational world, we find a musician called Kabra, totally submerged by a creativity block, right when he is supposed to be composing the song that will bring a change to the band after twenty years. Meanwhile he has to escape from his guitarist, Elettra, who is beautiful but completely nuts, and madly in love with him. Every now and then, Kabra meets Shatterthunder, a madman convinced he is a superhero, who tells him incredible stories about battles against Lou Reed or Neil Young. Only he and the reader will be able to see the connection between these two worlds.

pp. 334

“Grotesque, fascinating, surreal, fun, gripping. These are all good adjectives for Colui che gli dei vogliono distruggere by Gianluca Morozzi (Guanda). A very mature novel, intelligent, built on different levels, a hybrid of different literary genres and styles: comic books, movies, history of music. And therein also a certain sadism in putting the characters in improbable situations; often they would really rather be someplace else!”

La Repubblica

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Genre: Literary