About Us

Nabu* International Literary & Film Agency has been active since 1987. Now it represents international Authors for world rights regardless of their geographical and linguistic provenance. Due especially to Silvia and Cristina’s multilingual and international biographies, we at Nabu believe that in today’s  world there are no barriers to the circulation of ideas and fine literature, and that the reader’s interest for foreign literatures is much stronger than before due to all the information spread by media and tourism.

Over the years  Nabu International Literary Agency has  negotiated rights and stipulated contracts for three Nobel Laureates (Naguib Mahfouz Nobel 1988, Rigoberta Menchu, Nobel 1992, Dario Fo Nobel 1997) as well as for internationally renown authors  WGSebald, Leonard Cohen, Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva,  Jacques Delors.

As today the book world and the world of media are interconnected, Nabu also helps to transform appropriate stories into films and has worked in the past with the late actor Klaus Kinski, with Aurelio De Laurentiis, Mario Cecchi Gori and with Claudio Biondi, producer of Roberto Rossellini. More recently Nabu has sold rights for Italian-American coproductions and for international TV series.

*Nabu (in Biblical Hebrew Nebo נבו) is the Assyrian and Babylonian god of wisdom and writing.